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Take a look at the new members area link above, I am putting back issues of the newsletter and an index to what is on them, not many on yet but more to come as time permits. You will need a username and password to enter this section, which will be in the printed newsletter soon or email me now for them.

Welcome to the web site of the Furness British Motorcycle Club located in the North West of England town of Barrow in Furness and with members from the surrounding area.The club was formed by a small band of local enthusiasts in October 1985, and now has a thriving membership of over 130 local motorcyclists
The annual cost of membership is a very modest £6 (£2.00 per annum for members under eighteen) There are no joining or administrative charges and there are no hidden extras.
The Club meets once a fortnight throughout the year at the Ulverston Sports & Social Club(map) Ulverston, on Monday nights from 7:30 pm. Apart from being a social evening amongst like minded friends, meetings consist, of updating the membership on current activities; acquainting them with current government legislation of interest (and likely to have an impact on motorcyclists), inviting guest speakers, as well as the dissemination of motor cycling lore and knowledge.
Members are at liberty to offer for sale items ranging from whole motorcycles; to spare and hard to get parts, in the fortnightly Club news letter (sample)several of the members earn their living in the motorcycle and allied spares trade.
Anybody with even a passing interest in British Motor Cycles is invited to join the Club. You don't need to own a motorcycle at all. You will be made most welcome even if you are currently riding a "foreign" motor cycle of any age, whilst waiting for something more interesting to turn up.
Club outdoor activities range from Monday evening runs during the summer months, of about 50 to 60 miles distance, to somewhere interesting in the Lakes; The Annual Club Bike show each year in support of local hospital charities, and of course attendance at the multitude of local village galas and fetes in our area. For the exceptionally hardy and dedicated, there is even a Christmas run that can almost be guaranteed to be either, very wet, or very cold, (usually both!).
It does however make a good story when the hardships endured are recounted at the next Club night. Monday evening runs during the summer months, from April to September, are on alternate Mondays to the fortnightly Club Night. The start point is the Moss Side Shell Garage, Oubas Hill, Ulverston, (opposite Booths supermarket) at 6,30 pm. . For the retired "Veteran" members, there is a sub-section of the Club at which members celebrate their birthdays, enjoy good food and good company, and reminisce with their contemporaries. This takes place, on the Second and Last Thursday of each month, at around midday, at a suitable hostelry.
The club owns, a comprehensive collection of specialist and expensive tools; applicable to the restoration of motor cycles. These are available, on loan, to the members at no charge other than for the nominal cost of consumables. Bulk gasket material, a selection of nuts and bolts, and stainless bar stock is available for sale to members
Individual members have extensive knowledge both of individual machine marques as well as of engineering practice and techniques used in the restoration and upkeep of British Motor Cycles, and are always willing to give practical assistance where required. Members also own special tools applicable to their own machine interest, and are often willing to loan these out.
The keynote to the club's activities is informality and friendship. We are united by the Club's stated aim and a common love and appreciation of The Magnificent British Motorcycle. Our secondary aim is the responsible enjoyment of motor cycling, without detriment either to the environment or to any other person. You don’t necessarily have to ride a British Motor Cycle. You will always be made most welcome on club runs no matter what your mount. You will never be pressurised to take part in any Club activity if it is not your wish to do so.
Come along and join us. At the very least you will enjoy a pleasant evening out at the Conservative Club among people with similar interests to yourself. You may even find the machine of your dreams and recover your lost youth. You will enjoy idyllic summer evenings pottering round the lesser known lanes and lakes. You will be contributing to local community charities whilst pursuing your hobby and helping to preserve the wonderful British Motor Cycle.
The FBMCC is an equal opportunities Club with no discrimination. Ladies are most welcome both as pillion passengers as well as active riding members, (and you won't be pushed into the background to make the tea)
Club sweat shirts, mugs, baseball caps, jacket badges, machine stickers and brooches are available at reasonable cost
Over the past 15 years the Club has raised over £24,000 for local charities and currently supports the Child Development Centre at the Furness General Hospital, the Air ambulance service and St Mary's Hospice